Stainless steel storage and digester tanks

The use of stainless-steel storage and digester tanks is a perfect choice of material for certain industries (e.g. beverage, dairy, paper and potable water). Schumann Tanks stainless steel tanks can be used in an extended field of applications from potable water storage, through to waste water treatment storage tanks and including complex and high corrosion or aggressive media storage.

Schumann Tanks designs, manufactures and installs stainless-steel tanks in almost any desired size and material quality. The most used stainless-steel variants are AISI304 (AISI304 L or similar), AISI 316 (316L-Ti). Tanks in Duplex stainless steel can be offered for those applications where extreme corrosion protection is required.

Depending on the application (e.g. IR reactor - UASB / EGSB Nike Shoes) hybrid solutions can be proposed.

The tanks in stainless steel can be installed with or without a roof and can work in both atmospheric and low-pressure conditions. Different types of accessories can be fitted to all our storage tanks.


  • Anaerobic digesters

  • UASB/ EGSB tanks

  • Aerobic tanks


  • Potable water tanks

  • Waste water tanks

  • Process water tanks


  • Storage tanks

  • Buffer tanks

  • Leachate tanks



  • From 50- 10,000m3

  • pH: 3-11 (material depending)

  • Support structures in hot dipped galvanized steel

  • Flat base design


  • Stainless Steel 304L

  • Stainless Steel 316L/Ti

  • Stainless Steel 318LN

  • Others on request


  • Different roof types

  • Access (Ladder – platforms, etc.)

  • Accessories

  • Manway

  • Internal and external supports

  • Wall/roof insulation