Glass coated digesters and storage tanks

Glass fused to steel tanks (glass lined steel)

The glass to steel tanks can be used for almost all the most demanding applications. The fusion of glass on steel at high temperature results in a coating that is reliable and permanently protects the tanks from corrosion. Glass lined steel tanks are a high-quality alternative to stainless steel tanks.

Our portfolio includes glass-fused-to-steel tanks with four different coating variants, two or three-layered coatings with thicknesses of 180-480μm, resistance of pH 2-11 and porosity testing voltages of 600-1500 V.


  • Anaerobic digesters

  • Aerobic tanks

  • Potable water tanks


  • Waste water tanks

  • Process water tanks

  • Storage tanks




  • From 50- 20,000m3

  • pH: 2-11 (material depending)

  • Support structures in hot dipped galvanized steel.

  • Flat base design

  • NSF61 approved


  • Enamel glass Basic V600

  • Enamel glass standard 2- V900

  • Enamel premium 3 – V1100

  • Enamel premium 3 plus – V1500


  • Different roof types

  • Access (Ladder – platforms, etc.)

  • Accessories

  • Manway

  • Internal and external supports

  • Wall/roof insulation