Danish Style Digester®

The most successful product from Schumann Tanks

The unique “Danish Style Digester™”, the most successful product from Schumann Tanks, is a hybrid method of construction available up to 20,000m3 (1:1 ratio up to 10,000m3). More than 90% of our vertical mixed digester tanks are based on a combined material configuration. The “Danish Style Digester™” is constructed in such a way that the gas zone, the upper part of the tank wall and roof sheeting, is made from stainless steel.

Carbon steel with a temporary KTL anti-corrosion coating is used for the liquid level or medium zone.

All external reinforcements, such as angles and roof structures, are hotdipped galvanized.

This type of digester is proven to be an economical alternative to epoxy, glass fused or stainless-steel tanks, and to other technologies like steel welded or concrete.

In the last 5 years, Schumann Tanks has built more than 1.5millionm3 of digester volume based on this unique solution.


  • Anaerobic digestion

  • Secondary digestion



  • Volume: from 500-10,000m3 (1:1 ratio)

  • Up to 20,000m3 large scale

  • Media: different substrates

  • Design pressure: -5/+50mbar (up to 70mbar smaller diameters www.aragongolf.com/fonts/

  • Flat base design 


Tank wall:

Gas area: AISI316 (L/Ti)

Glass coat Premium – V1100

Liquid area:

  • CS + KTL

  • CS + Epoxy coating

  • glass lines steel


Gas area: AISI316 (L/Ti)

External beamed - HDG


  • Roof and wall insulation

  • Suitable for different pump/mixing systems

  • Inspection sight glasses

  • Different types of access and platforms

  • Internal heating systems

  • Pressure valves